For Migrant's Sake

Let's Take a walk

Trends in migration has taken on different dimensions over the years from rural-Urban migration which was a troubling development in 60s and 70s to today’s irregular migration.

Pay TV In Nigeria : An Abusive Affair

"The story of DSTV and its rise to continental dominance began well over two decades ago when the brand was launched as the brainchild of a Joint Venture between Multichoice Africa and a Nigerian entrepreneur called Adewunmi Ogunsanya."....

Time Is Money

No doubt you have heard the phrase or used it a couple of times, which implies simply that time is a valuable asset; therefore it is better to do things as quickly as possible. Hence each time you hear those words you get a rush of hormones that stimulates you to do things as quickly as you can.

6 Reasons Why CBN Wants You To Be Financially Included

Yesterday while attending a two-day CBN fair tagged ‘Promoting Financial stability and economic development’ one of the speakers spoke of CBN's financial inclusion policy which was launched since 2012 as he spoke many question began to flood my mind ‘what does financial inclusion mean' why is CBN interested in my being financially included so I began digging and here is share with you what I found.

Principles of Success

Strive Business Special

The bible teaches us that every one of us is a unique individual, an absolute original. For the greatness in you to emerge, you have to become yourself, first. You will never achieve this by impersonating someone else on Twitter or Facebook, no matter how great you think they are.



Today on Meet the Entrepreneur we met with an entrepreneur par excellence Mr Kaesy Nwosu, a student of Computer Engineering and the CEO of one of the foremost Nigerian technology blog Techcranked

Owning A Business: Smart Mentorship

Owning A Business
The master key to dominating a trade or a field is to study those who have become successful and great in the business and then imitate their style creatively. When you want to start a business, it really can be overwhelming to start thinking up a strategy that you hope will work and make you succeed in the business. Truth is research is very key to starting a business. You must investigate the market, find out how things are done; learn the secret of the trade so as to participate to win.But in a situation where you lack the means or resources to carry out extensive or required market or consumer research, all you need do is to adopt or adapt the strategy of a leader in that market.