Naija Economics link page

The LINK PAGE offers a detailed and well outlined description of relevant sites which are easily ACCESSIBLE to any Economist and indeed other Concerned readers. These Sites are Outlined below for easy Access to DATAs, Relevant Research Documents, And any other Tools that may be relevant to aid in our reader's better appreciation of the course. 
  1. FRED : FRED [Federal Reserve Bank Of ST. Louis Economic Data] Provides relevant datas, research news and much more. Do Check it out. 
  2. Central Bank Of Nigeria : The Central Bank Of Nigeria is Nigeria's Apex bank, its site houses key Information that is quiet useful in Economic analysis. 
  3. National Bureau of Statistics : The National bureau of Statistics is just the place to get any data pertaining to any aspect of the Nigerian Economy. 
  4. Google Public Data:Many have not heard of it but its usefulness cannot be argued. If you are having Data problem Ask Google right? 


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